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Welcome to my "Shop Health & Beauty" Page! Here you can find all of my favorite health and beauty products from one of my absolute favorite brands. I started purchasing ItWorks products from a friend and was reordering so often I decided to become a distributor myself so my readers could easily order the products I love. 

(Please note: I am not one if those crazy pyramid scheme distributors that drive people crazy. I rarely post or talk about it, but if you are looking for convenience and great products to supplement into your life like I was - feel free to order from me or anyone you know that sells it! I am just posting my personal link for my readers)

To give you a little background on how I started using these products: I was looking to cut out my afternoon cup of coffee with a healthier alternative. I ALWAYS get an afternoon crash, but when I drink coffee in the afternoon I don't sleep well. I knew I was probably having low energy because I wasn't getting proper nutrition throughout the day. I wanted to feel healthy and energized so I could keep up with my 2 year old in the afternoons. I needed something that tasted good (a must for me because if it tastes bad I will not force myself to drink it) and was super convenient. I kept seeing a friend post about Greens To Go by Itworks. They are in individual packets you can just add to your water bottle. Seemed easy enough, plus I could order online and not haul my child to Whole Foods (nightmare waiting to happen). Short story long, I was immediately addicted to this product. I had energy and felt SO incredibly good knowing I was getting all my veggies for the day. I kept reordering and reordering from her, until I decided to go ahead and distribute them myself. Now there are a few of their products I am in love with and will posting all of my favorites and what I love about them! 

Feel free to browse my page and message me with any questions! As usual, if this wasn't a product or brand I wasn't absolutely in love with you would NOT be seeing it on my page. I only bring you the best of the best! 

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