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Friday, July 12, 2019

Microblading 4 Years Later...

The #1 email inquiry I get is asking me how I feel about my eyebrows years after Microblading. I'm 4 years in at this point. For the most part I have zero regrets. I had very sparse brows to begin with so it was a huge change for me. I wasn't just filling in some areas - she had to create an entire eyebrow for the most part. My hair is really thin on my brows. Even if I had never plucked them to death (which of course I did in high school) they would have still been really bare. Keep reading below pics for pros and my #1 con...
Before filter and I'm not sure what the hand pose is?! Haha!

Directly After Microblading

4 years later - honestly I didn't have the energy to pose for a picture today so this is the best I could find. 

What I LOVE about them:

I feel and look better with no makeup. Thanks to this and eyelash extensions I rarely even wear makeup during the weekday. Such a huge time saver! Even when doing full makeup my brows are totally fine with just a little tinted brow gel. Before the microblading I literally had to draw on an entire eyebrow. I don't miss that AT ALL. 

The color was really bold for the first few months after I got it done but thanks to the sun and just natural exfoliation they've faded really nicely. I don't feel like I need a touch up even after 4 years. They've definitely faded over the years, but I actually really like the more natural look its faded to. So, no complaints from me about the fading. The hair strokes aren't as defined as they use to be, but it honestly doesn't bother me at all. I guess you could say they're a bit more "blurred" now. I think they still look super natural and not tattoo like at all. 

What I DON'T love about them:

The one and only thing I am not happy with is the loss of the actual eyebrow hairs I had before. The microblading creates tiny scars with the razor blade and I believe this is the reason for the hair loss. Just like a scar on your head where no hair grows. It's not the entire eyebrow, but a good majority of it - mostly around the arch.

Even with this it's not super noticeable unless someone is really looking at you in good lighting. It doesn't really bother me and I'm still happy I did it. But I had no idea this was a "side effect" until I specifically researched it. There's no way to know from one person to another if you will lose hair at all or how much if any. It just needs to be a risk you're willing to take and I wanted to share this one and only con I have of the entire experience. 

Thanks for reading!

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