Friday, April 1, 2016

Korean Beauty - Snail Cream and why I can't stop lathering myself in it

I posted about this cream awhile back, but am just now comprehending how amazing this stuff is. I was going through a rough couple of months with my skin. I had crazy hormonal breakouts, a facial that really irritated my skin, and just overall redness, peeling, and ugliness in general. I remembered this was suppose to be super healing and great for acne. I put it on before bed one night and I kid you not - ALL of my zits were gone and this dry, red patch I'd had for months was 100x better. I have not skipped one day of using this in 2 months and my skin is 100% clear and pretty dang perfect right now. Overall my skin feels calm and happy when I use this. This is seriously a miracle worker! And incase you've been living under a rock - here's the 411 on snail cream:

Snail cream is made from the secretion snails leave behind when they move, scooped up and purified into a powder. The slime is packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, enzymes, antimicrobial peptides, and proteoglycans (fillers that plump). In case you're concerned, all of the slime is harvested in a snail-friendly laboratory environment. Here's some more snail cream benefits: fades scars, heals acne, heals burns, smooths skin, plumps skin, revitalizes skin, boosts collagen and elastic, fades dark spots.

What you might not know is that the snail slime and other Korean skincare ingredients are supported my some serious R&D. Skincare in Korea is an integral part of their culture - your complexion is a treasured possession and regimens focus on prevention and skin fortification. As a result, Korea has produced some of the most cutting edge R&D labs in the world, supported by government funding.

The brand I use (Mizon) is the #1 selling snail cream in Korea. It has one of the highest concentrations of snail extracts. The texture is almost gel like, has a nice fresh scent, and I promise it won't gross you out! I use it like a serum under my moisturizer. If you have oily skin you may not need a moisturizer over it, but if you are dry I would recommend the extra moisture. The spray is really amazing too. I use it before (on a clean face) I put the snail repair cream on and after or throughout the day as well. Click photos for link to product!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury

Just wanted to share this gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita set with you! It is one of the best sets out there because you will actually use everything! Most sets always have some awful lip color or eyeshadow you will never use. You will use every single thing in this set over and over. 

My favorite thing so far is the blush. You use the outside color on the entire cheekbone then pop the center color on the apples. Such a neat concept and the BEST cheek color! The lippie set is the most perfect nude. The lip liner is possibly my new favorite liner ever. It's all just stunning!!

One of the reasons I got this set is because of this tutorial! It's super easy to follow, uses everything in this set, and the end result is makeup perfection. Watch here!

Shop the set here!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dark Eye Circle Fixes

I've really been struggling with dark under eye circles lately. I wanted to do a quick post on a few of the products that have truly been life savers!
Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Serum - I went to my dermatologist to talk about some options for my dark circles. She said unless I wanted to get my under eyes injected with filler, lasered, or both there is really not much she can do. She didn't recommend getting fillers (she would inject fillers over the dark circles to hide them) because sometimes it can cover the dark circles, but leave you with puffy eyes. Kind of a lose, lose situation. I'm still debating the laser treatment and researching more before I decide. Until then, she highly recommended this Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Serum. I love that it goes on with a cooling roller ball. It is infused with caffeine which really helps your eyes look bright, awake, and less puffy. This eye serum also helps fight wrinkles-- always a plus. I noticed my dark circles were much less visible the first week I started using. I use it day and night! I love that it's not greasy.

BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector -  This has been a MUST HAVE when I do my makeup. I can't go without it. It is a "primer" for your concealer that brightens and lightens. A little goes a LONG way. It is very moisturizing and concentrated, so setting the eye with powder after your concealer is a must! You will  notice right away that your entire under eye area looks bright and youthful.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - I am so mad at myself for not getting this product ages ago! It is a game changer! I call it my magical powder. I use a little powder brush, swirl it around in the lid and tap, and apply under and around my eye area. It perfectly sets your concealer so that it won't crease and it completely brightens and opens up your eyes. It is truly incredible. Love love love this stuff! You will never use anything else to set your concealer!

Here is the last post I did on some of my favorite concealers.

Hope this helps with those pesky dark circles!

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