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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Microblading Experience

Microblade, eyebrow feathering, hair stroke, semi permanent makeup, it what you want, I'm just glad I discovered it! After YEARS of research, stalking the best permanent makeup artists, making apppointments, chickening out and canceling appointments - I finally said enough was enough and went for it!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a relatively new, manual method of permanent eyebrow cosmetics. It is actually considered to be semi-permanent. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis to "tattoo" individual hairs. Because the color is impacted closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine. There is no "spilling" under the skin.

How did I choose/find my permanent makeup artist?

Three years ago I randomly stumbled upon Permanent Makeup by Mary online. She is based out of Tampa, but I was willing to fly to her because she is so talented. This was when I discovered that actual teeny tiny hairs could be tattooed on. No one really knew about microblading at this point, so I quickly got an appointment with her (she even offered to pick me up from the airport). At this same time I ended up finding out I was pregnant and had to cancel my appointment (obviously a no no for pregnant women). Fast forward to almost 3 years later...she is now on a year long waiting list!! Good for her, bad for me!

I was beyond lucky though and RANDOMLY found a woman in my area (we just moved to Knoxville, TN) who is a personal friend of Mary and was trained by her! What a small world! Her before and after photos were phenomenal. I called and had an appointment that next week! When choosing someone it is so so so important that you see their work beforehand! Here are some of the photos from Kim's Permanent Cosmetics (who did mine).

As you can see in this before picture of me - I had hardly any eyebrows. Penciling/drawing my eyebrows on had become the norm for me. I had to do it every single day for the most part because I looked like I literally had none. They were so thin and and sparse, doing my eyebrow makeup had become something I dreaded. I had to completely create a brow each time I did my makeup and it was exhausting! One wrong move and I had a bad eyebrow day on my hands.

I'm going to walk you through my experience in the photos below!

Here is the lovely room where I spent 3 entire hours getting my brows done! It was super clean and very professional.
I believe the machine to the left is the actual tattoo machine. A microblade was used for me, but I thought you would like to see this anyway!
These are the tools she used to measure and draw the perimeters of my new brows. She spent over an hour meticulously measuring and drawing my brows so that they were the perfect shape and size for my face. I was able to review what she had done and tweak it as needed. I was really happy with the perimeters she chose. I wanted my brows to be extremely natural because I could always go back for a fuller brow later on.
Here I am after she completed drawing the perimeters for my brows. After she was done she applied some numbing cream, so here I am waiting for it to kick in! 
I couldn't take any photos of the actual procedure because I was there alone and had to hold VERY still. I took this after the procedure was done. It took almost 2 hours. Here is the actual micro blade she used and the pigments as well. 
These are my actual results immediately after the procedure. I am beyond happy with how natural they look. The shape is absolutely perfect. She even raised my arch just a tad so I really feel like it lifted my eyes. I am thrilled with them!
I naturally tend to raise one of my eyebrows when I smile, but I promise they are even! This is right after it was done. It was a long 3 hours! I was starving. 
The price for mine was $425. I think this is extremely reasonable. I have seen other places that are well over $1000. I don't think it has become super popular in my area yet, so I really lucked out by finding someone as experienced and as reasonable.

With microblading she is bascially taking a fine blade and scraping many hair-like lines into your skin. I felt it. I for sure felt it. I am also a person that felt the entire child birthing experience even with an epidural. I am just extremely aware of my body and of pain. Most people say they can't feel microblading. To each their own, but for me it was pretty painful. I just tried to zone out.

Caring for brows:
- No water can touch your brows for 10 days! This was really though.
- On day 4 start applying grape seed oil to your brows at night with a q-tip
- After Day 10 you can get brows wet and use a mild soap when you wash your face until they are completely healed. Continue to use grape seed oil.
- They do require touch-ups every now and then as needed. Once they are healed they urge you to come back with any places that may need to be filled in or tweaked.
- They are suppose to last anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

My final thoughts:
The first week my brows were scabbed over and very dark. I had to wear a hat in public because I felt like a crazy person. After a week they began to itch and the scabs began to flake off. They looked pretty normal at this point. After Day 10 the scabs were almost all gone and the color started to look really natural. I am at Day 14 now and they are almost 100% healed. I am so so happy with my results. I haven't worn makeup with them yet, but I feel like it will really cut down my getting ready time. I do know that I feel so much better without makeup now! I wish I had done this years ago! Please feel free to email me with any questions or anything I may have left out. Hope this helps some of you contemplating microblading!

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