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Monday, November 23, 2015

La Mer The Concentrate

IJust a quick post simply because I'm loving this product right now. La Mer is known for their "Miracle Broth" and this is the highly concentrated form of the broth. If you are thinking of dishing out the money for La Mer, I would really recommend this one simply because you are going to get the "Miracle Broth" in it's most potent form. This is one of my favorite serums to use in the winter. It goes on like silk and makes my face feel incredible. It even helps heal breakouts and chapped winter skin. I always use a Retinol or Retin-A in the winter when I'm not out in the sun, and this is the only way I can tolerate it. This helps heal my skin and keeps me from getting those dreaded Retinoid symptoms (peeling, redness, burning, etc.). Also, if I get chemical peels this is a must use for me - I swear it cuts the downtime in half. It just feels amazing on winter skin, no matter what other products you are using! 

More about the "Miracle Broth":

After years of meticulous experimentation, Dr. Huber combined nutrient- rich sea kelp and other natural ingredients, infusing them with energies of light and sound to intensify their activity until they became potent, renewing Miracle Broth. After twelve years and 6000 experiments, a miracle was born. Even the driest complexions are healed in the ultimate ritual of renewal. 

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