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Monday, October 19, 2015

Change Your Skin, Change Your Life!

Happy Monday! I wanted to chat with you guys a bit more about my ItWorks products and how they have TRULY changed my skin, hair, nails, my energy levels, and just overall well being. I have done a couple posts on some products I really like (I will link below) but I wanted to elaborate a little more about this company and why I'm so in love with not only their products, but what they have done for my life!

How I got started using these products: 

I've never been one to care much for pushy people selling pyramid scheme products. I understand some of these companies make great products, but some of the obnoxious sales tactics people use really turn me off. So when one of my friends, who happens to be absolutely stunning, successful, and knows everything about beauty products, told me she was using ItWorks products I was SHOCKED to say the least. I didn't waste a minute finding a rep and ordering everything she used. I was seriously impressed. The Hair Skin & Nail vitamins were growing my nails, lashes, and hair like crazy. My skin seemed to glow. I was also using their Greens On the Go (drink with 8 servings of veggies) to replace my afternoon coffee. I was feeling great, looking great and recommending it to everyone I knew! I had all my friends hooked on this stuff so I decided I may as well distribute it. I was a customer myself spending over $100 a month on the these products, so I can truly testify how amazing they are! 

Read my previous posts on my 2 must have products:

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Interested in joining my team? 

You can work your entire life to build someone else's dream. Their dream house, their dream vacations, their dream retirement. Or you can be your own boss and create your own dreams for yourself! I like the second choice.

Send me an email and let's make your dreams come true as well! 

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