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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Artis Brush Review

Can't wait to share my thoughts on these brushes with you. They have been making quite the buzz lately with their unique look unlike any makeup brushes out there.

My first impression: The packing is hands down the most high-end, luxurious packaging of any makeup brushes out there. Most brushes are just in plastic wrappers! This feels more like you've received an expensive watch or bracelet. Heck even jewelry boxes don't look this good!

The brush itself is beautiful enough to display in your bathroom! It's sleek look immediately caught my eye, but is this brush worth all the hype?

The Oval 8: The first brush I tried was the Oval 8 (large brush pictured) which will run you $62. The price in my opinion is very fair, and not much more than a large MAC brush. Before even applying makeup I wanted to practice and get a feel for it. You have to hold it completely different than what you are use to with other brushes, which can be a bit awkward at first. That's why I definitely recommend practicing before you go in with actual foundation. The bristles themselves are super soft and feel great on your skin. I like how large the brush is, it covers quite a large area at once. The first time using this brush with foundation was a bit awkward to be honest. I feel like I couldn't buff the foundation in as well as other brushes. I think this is because you just have to get use to the differnt grip, try it a few times, and find a grip that works for you. I didn't want to give up after one time because I knew it would be a totally different feel to begin with. The second time I had the hang of it and was really able to get in there and buff the foundation out much better. I think the key to this brush is just practicing because it really does give a beautiful, airbrush-like finish. I did use this in conjunction with my beauty blender because I'm just addicted to it. I used it at the end just to absorb any extra foundation that might have been sitting on top of the skin. I do this in conjunction with any makeup brush though!

Oval 4 & Circle 1R: These are the 2 smaller brushes. To be honest, I just couldn't make either of these work. I would have liked to try the Oval 6 (a bit smaller than Oval 8) for concealer or contouring/highlighting. The Oval 4 was a bit too small and oddly shaped for concealer and I'm not sure what else it could really work for. The Circle 1R for eyeshadow was just too awkward for me to use on my eyes. I couldn't get the placement and grip right, or buff and blend the shadows. The eyeshadow brushes just aren't for me personally. I think it's a neat concept, but you just can't hold them properly for the eye are.

All in all I think this company should stick to face makeup brushes. I've been using my Oval 8 almost every time I do my foundation if that says anything!

**tip: the Oval 8 is really great for applying your moisturizer before foundation, etc. It feels like heaven!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Change Your Skin, Change Your Life!

Happy Monday! I wanted to chat with you guys a bit more about my ItWorks products and how they have TRULY changed my skin, hair, nails, my energy levels, and just overall well being. I have done a couple posts on some products I really like (I will link below) but I wanted to elaborate a little more about this company and why I'm so in love with not only their products, but what they have done for my life!

How I got started using these products: 

I've never been one to care much for pushy people selling pyramid scheme products. I understand some of these companies make great products, but some of the obnoxious sales tactics people use really turn me off. So when one of my friends, who happens to be absolutely stunning, successful, and knows everything about beauty products, told me she was using ItWorks products I was SHOCKED to say the least. I didn't waste a minute finding a rep and ordering everything she used. I was seriously impressed. The Hair Skin & Nail vitamins were growing my nails, lashes, and hair like crazy. My skin seemed to glow. I was also using their Greens On the Go (drink with 8 servings of veggies) to replace my afternoon coffee. I was feeling great, looking great and recommending it to everyone I knew! I had all my friends hooked on this stuff so I decided I may as well distribute it. I was a customer myself spending over $100 a month on the these products, so I can truly testify how amazing they are! 

Read my previous posts on my 2 must have products:

Visit my store here!

Interested in joining my team? 

You can work your entire life to build someone else's dream. Their dream house, their dream vacations, their dream retirement. Or you can be your own boss and create your own dreams for yourself! I like the second choice.

Send me an email and let's make your dreams come true as well! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Skincare Routine Updated

One of my absolute favorite things to share with you is my skincare routine! I work extremely hard to find the absolute best products that actually work. I was definitely not blessed with perfect skin whatsoever. My skin is dry and oily all at the same time, I have sun spots and fine lines, and I am acne prone. This may seem like a lot of products and a lot of work BUT it's so worth it to feel confident and pretty even without makeup on. You will see lots of my old faithfuls plus a few new ones in the rotation!

Here is my day and night routine:

Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser: Wash morning and night. I've used this on and off for years. It's what I happen to be using right now and my face really stays clear when I use it. I also love the Proactiv+ face wash
Microneedle Face Roller System: I use this 2-3x a week after washing and drying my face. Roll in every direction across face and neck (vertical, horizontal, and diagonal)
PMD Personal Microderm Pink Personal Microderm: I use this once a week or every other week. I will link a previous post on this below
Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator: I use this every other day. I just keep it in the shower and use this instead of the Biore
CANE + AUSTIN Miracle Pad: I use this every other night and also directly after I use the needle roller or the PMD for a light peel.
Murad® Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator: I use this as my nighttime moisturizer or under makeup
Murad® Complete Reform: I use this every other night in rotation with the Cane + Austin pads
Murad® Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30: Every day moisturizer
Murad® Rapid Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Serum: Every day after I wash my face and before I apply my daytime moisturizer. I love the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF as well, but it is super pricey!

Not pictured:
My absolute favorite toner! Cannot and will not ever use anything else! I use it after I wash my face every single day. Find it here!

Click here for my previous post on the PMD Personal Microderm

Click here to for my previous post on the skin supplements I use

***Note: A lot of these products are Murad. I purchase them myself and just truly think they are one of the best skincare lines out there.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Look of the Day with Frankie Rose Cosmetics

Here is the product breakdown of what I used to create this bronze eye/ peach lip look! Hope you enjoy!

Primer: Frankie Rose Prime Addiction fp101
Foundation: Frankie Rose Matte Perfection Foundation in Vintage f103
Powder: Frankie Rose Powder Foundation in Buff pf105
Eyeshadow: Frankie Rose Brown Eyed Girl Palette (even though I have blue- beautiful colors!) I used: Sultry, Steamy, and Sunkiss
Eyeliner: Frankie Rose Limitless Waterproof Gel Liner in Midnight wl101
Lips: Frankie Rose liner in lip101 Apricot, lipstick in ls101 Apricot, lipgloss in lg113 Fashionista

Other products used:
Benefit Cosmetics high beam liquid face highlighter
Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed - Champagne Pop
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Soft Brown
House of Lashes | Iconic 
Paper Pusher Stretch Fiber Lengthening Mascara
M·A·C Mineralize Blush in Dainty
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Secret Beauty Weapon

I wanted to share my little secret for skin, hair, and nails. I have been using this product for almost 6 months now and have noticed such a change! I get compliments on my skin at the grocery store with zero makeup on and have people messaging me and commenting on how great my skin looks. Let me tell you it does NOT come naturally!

I had a friend whose eyelashes were so stunningly long and thick I thought she was either using Latisse or had eyelash extensions. She told me she had been taking hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Seriously?! Yes she was serious. I ordered these in about 2 seconds and it is one of my favorite products I own now! I have since become so obsessed with this brand I distribute it myself. What is my little secret?

ItWorks Hair Skin Nails I get them on autoship right to my door every month and I NEVER miss a day! I have stopped using Latisse, my after baby old man hair line is completely back to normal, my nails grow at the speed of light, and my skin never breaks out and overall looks healthier than it ever has. I'm sure my hair could be super long, but I'm keeping the long bob for now!
Just give these supplements a chance and you will thank me! I can promise you that you will be thrilled with your results! You can purchase them HERE directly from yours truly 

Check out one of my other favorite product posts here!

And please feel free to message me with any questions about this product or any others. 

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