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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hynt Beauty

What I love about this brand: I have a very hard time finding all natural makeup products that are as good as my favorite lines. I admit, I would go for a chemical laden brand if I got the color payback and quality I was looking for. I usually overlook the "all natural, organic, etc." brands because I feel like they don't give me the results I want. FINALLY, I have found a line that is so pure and full of goodness, and actually works as well as my go to brands. It is beautifully pigmented, perfectly packaged, and very high quality. 

What is is formulated without: Hynt is FREE of Parabens, Nano Particles, Petrochemicals, Artificial Preservatives, Gluten, and all products are PETA-certified Vegan (except for mascara, which is clearly identified) so there is no wondering or double checking, ever.

My favorite picks from this line: 

LIBRE Luxurious Lip Gloss



About the creator: Hynt was born through Co-Founder Meryl Marshall's need and passion to find makeup and skincare products that offered her the assurance and confidence that whatever she was putting on her skin was safe, non-irritable and carcinogen-free. Having recently conquered breast cancer, she took great care in educating herself on the product labels and on each of the ingredients formulated into her everyday beauty products. Quickly, her search for skin-healthy but still luxurious beauty essentials turned into an elusive hunt. To her disappointment, Meryl found that other skin-healthy lines failed to fulfill her desire to use luxuriously textured, richly pigmented, and smartly packaged products. Such aesthetic touches are essential to a how a woman feels each time she applies her coveted makeup essentials -  magical, beautiful, special.

Meryl decided to create her own cosmetics line using state-of-the-art natural formulations. Now women who prioritize the purity and health of their skin, have a glamorous, fun and trustworthy beauty collection that they can wholeheartedly enjoy every day at any moment.

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