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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Too Faced Melted vs. L.A. Girl Glazed

I have seen both of these glosses popping up like crazy on Instagram over the last few months. I kept getting the 2 confused. I'm a little late to the game but decided to give them both a try!

The Too Faced Melted is exactly like a "melted" lipstick. It is less glossy and more of a thick lipstick. It is extremely pigmented, totally opaque, and has a nice texture. I like that it has a sponge tip applicator that the gloss squeezes out of. You can be a bit more precise with this.

The L.A. Girl Glazed is more of a thicker lipgloss to me. It is extremely glossy and has a great color payoff.  The applicator is just a slanted squeeze tube.

I really want to try some lighter shades in the Too Faced because I think they would be great all in ones (lipstick and lipgloss). As far as the bolder shades go, this is about as crazy as I can get. I am a nude/pink girl at heart! This is a really fun look for night though!

The Verdict: I am more of a glossy girl, so I like the high shine of the L.A. Girl. For a bolder look Too Faced may be the way to go if you are worried about smudging. To each their own!

Below are swatches in 3 different lightings comparing the two! Too Faced is on the top and L.A.Girl is on the bottom:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunday Riley

I have been dying to try some products from this line!! I have had my eye on the Luna Sleeping Night 
Oil for so long! I couldn't get this stuff on my face fast enough. I've been using the SPF and the night oil for over a week now. Here are my thoughts!

Cashmere SPF 30

What is is formulated to do: "This powerful sunscreen, with its luxurious texture and finish, provides weightless hydration without any white streaks or typical oiliness. The formula detoxifies the skin and provides continuing anti-pollution protection. With use, skin feels softer, looks more youthful, and is protected from the daily assault of UV and pollution."

My thoughts: It is a nice lightweight daytime moisturizer. It is not oily in the slightest. In fact it may be on the dry side. If you have oily skin this is a great option for you! I had no skin irritation with this at all. Be sure to rub it in really well or it can leave a bit of a film. I like that it's not a super oily sunscreen, especially since I live in the South with high humidity.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

What it is formulated to do: "With an advanced retinol complex, Luna helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while simultaneously correcting damage caused by the sun, time, and pollution. Use this oil before bed to notice firmer, clearer skin by morning. Trans-retinol ester fights the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity while an essential oil complex calms and soothes skin. Cold pressed avocado, chia, and Concord grape seed oils sink into skin for quick absorption of actives while boosting radiance."

My thoughts: Before I even tried this I was already obsessed with it! A retinol that comes in a luxurious oil is pure genius! I love face oils (even though my sensitive skin isn't always crazy about them). It comes in a dropper bottle, which I always like. The oil itself is actually blue tinted and for some reason that made me like it even more. Don't worry your face won't be blue! It glides right on like a dream, and feels like heaven! So far no irritation, peeling, or redness. It seems to be very gentle. The first couple of nights I did notice a few little bumps (probably junk it pulled to the surface). It wasn't a breakout by any means and hasn't been an issue. I can't tell any major results yet, but my skin feels glowing and hydrated. Usually any retinol leaves me a bit peely and dried out. I'm thrilled that this is gentle. There is no need to moisturize after because your skin feels so plump and silky from the oil. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda

As if I wasn't obsessed with Armani Beauty enough. They have created the single most luxurious foundation I have ever laid eyes upon. The jar screams to be displayed on your bathroom countertop. Here are my thoughts on this $200 jar of foundation. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The product: Beautiful packing - duh. The jar itself is generously sized at 1.69 ounces (the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation bottle is 1 ounce for comparison). What's inside the jar is even better. Armani has foundation down to a science. This literally does what it claims it will do: "The new generation of tinted cream: the first supreme nude glow treatment with performance power that surpasses BB and CC creams. Transparent pigments suspended into a water based texture allow the skin to reflect light in multiple directions for an enhanced glow while blurring imperfections. The specially blended formula contains Armani’s exclusive anti-aging complex Reviscentalis to improve skin radiance and reveal younger looking skin. Hyaluronic acid and mannose complete the formula by adding deep hydration with a weightless feel. Available in Six Glow Enhancing Shades." 

It truly leaves your skin glowing, dewy, youthful, moisturized, and just plain perfect. 

Cons: The only downside to this is that I would not wear it to do full blown makeup. It's way too moisturizing and maybe not the full blown coverage you would want for a special event. This is a daytime foundation. It replaces your moisturizer and whatever daytime foundation/tinted moisturizer you use. To spend $200 on a daytime face makeup kind of hurts. BUT it will last for probably eternity. 

Skin type: If you have super oily skin this may not be the product for you. For my dry skin gals- you have found your favorite product! My skin is oily, but can also be super dry if not adequately moisturized. I usually don't wear makeup during the day, so I wore this alone with no powder, etc. My skin looked beautiful throughly the day, but by late afternoon I was a bit shiny. 

I would recommend getting a sample before shelling out the cash for this one. Armani is usually so great about giving out samples. 

Color Pictured: 04 Medium Glow
Hope this was helpful :)


Friday, May 1, 2015

Oribe Côte d’Azur

A quick post on a new product that I'm dying over! Oribe is one of my absolute favorite hair product lines. They hands down make the BEST smelling products out there. Their Dry Texturizing Spray and Thickening Spray are my go to staples! I think what I love most about them is the fact that they smell divine. The smell lasts for days and everywhere I go people are huffing my hair. Seriously, they are.

The point is, now they have bottled this amazing smell into a PERFUME. Genius!! Now my body can smell as good as my hair! Not to mention the name "Côte d’Azur"...who doesn't love the French Riviera?? Thank you Oribe!

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