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Thursday, March 19, 2015

PMD Personal Microderm Review

I wanted to share my experience with this at home personal microdermabrasion device. I am kind of obsessed with exfoliating and getting rid of old, dead, icky skin. I have a toddler so going to a med spa or dermatologist to get treatments is basically out of the question these days. I have pretty much figured out how to do any and every treatment at home! Including microderm now! 

This is what the kit includes:

-PMD device
-Plug in cord (it does not charge the device, it must stay plugged in while using)
-4 discs for face
-3 discs for body
-2 caps (1 that fits face discs, 1 that fits body discs)
-1 cushion O-ring 
-Instruction booklet and DVD

Benefits of Microderm:
-most widely known for anti-aging benefits
-improves tone and texture
-softens fine lines and wrinkles
-helps with acne and scarring
-minimizes large pores
-helps diminish age spots, sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation

***I highly recommend watching the instructional DVD. It is short and you will know exactly what to do after you've watched it. They make it really simple! 

My thoughts: I got this device back in December and have been addicted since the first use. It is super easy to use and very gentle, yet effective. 

How the device works: It comes ready to use right out of the box pretty much! That is always a plus. Once you have watched the DVD you will feel confident and ready to start! PMD recommends using the white training disc for the first few uses. I 100% agree and think this is imperative. The first time you use the device, it takes a few strokes to get the hang of it and you don't want to damage your skin with a more powerful disc. Honestly, I like the training disc the best anyway (since it's the most gentle). Once you turn your device on, the disc made of aluminum oxide crystals spins to clear dead skin. It also vacuums suctions at the same time to suck up all that it is buffing off. It's really that simple! 

How my skin looks after: I use it before bed. I wouldn't recommend doing it during the day or before you have to go somewhere. My face is a bit red all over, however, it is super soft and glowing. I use a gentle toner and moisturizer afterwards. In the morning there are no signs of redness and I am good to go! As usual, please wear SPF during the day.

With continued use: I have noticed that almost all of the dark marks on my cheeks from past sun damage or acne are almost completely gone. I think it really helps with fine lines on my forehead and in between eyes. I just love how my skin looks overall since I've been using this (besides my traumatizing 6 months of Retin-A - but that's another post). 

#1 tip for using this: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT linger in one spot for even a second too long. It has a pretty powerful suction, so keep your skin pulled taught and move very quickly. I learned the hard way and got a red circle shaped "burn" or "spot" the first time I used it. 

Cost: $159 for the device I have. This discs need to be replaced once they are worn and are $15 for the replacement kit. 

I got mine from Ulta and the shipping was super fast! It is only available online here. 

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