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Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Makeup Organization/Storage

How to Hoard like A Pro

I think I have enough beauty products for 20 people. I can't stop!! At least I have it semi-organized thanks to some great makeup storage solutions! I obviously have more containers and bins than the average person would need! Most people would fit their entire collection in one of these roomy containers with some space to spare. Here is what I personally use and would recommend to anyone needing to organize their products. Keep reading for some cheaper alternatives as well!

The Clear Cube

I can't lie- the first time I saw these magical acrylic drawers on the Kardashian's (I love them - not ashamed!) I knew I had to have them. I Googled my life away until I found the exact drawers. The Clear Cube. It took a flippin month for these babies to be made and shipped. They finally arrived- and they were magnificent. So heavy, such thick acrylic, amazing quality, and just sheer perfection.

These are not cheap by any means. One of these bad boys will run you around $350-400 depending on what size you get. They offer a 4 drawer, a 5 drawer, and a 5 drawer wide. You also have the option to have the handle on the top of the lid or not. I chose not to have the handle on the top so I could place things on top if need be.

Here is how I personally use my Clear Cube (makeup smudges included):

Both of these are the 5 Drawer Cube. It actually has 6 with the top lid compartment. (I bought 2 extra organization dividers for mine)
Foundation Drawer:
 Concealer, Tinted Moisturizer, Etc. Drawer (ok, kind of dirty and not so organized):
Bronzer & Powder Drawer:
 Highlighter & Lipliner Drawer (random that I put these together??):
 Lipgloss Drawer: (One of 2 - hence the name The GLOSS Guide haha):
 Random Crap & Fancy Moisturizers I Don't Use Drawer:
 Mascara, Lashes, Shadow Sticks Drawer:
 Eyeliner & Eyebrow Drawer:
 Potted Eyeshadow Drawer:
Blush Drawer:
 Eyeshadow Palettes Drawer:
 More Eyeshadow Palettes Drawer:

But wait!! There's more......

This 3 Drawer Rectangle is by SOHO Beauty and is available at Target for $24.99

If that wasn't enough - here is what I have resorted to keeping the rest of my products in. Lots of the treasures in here are waiting in the wings to be tried and blogged about!! 

Here are some great alternatives to The Clear Cube at a much better price!!

I have a girlfriend who swears by this particular one:

$119 & $159

The Container Store
Lots of choices starting at $11.99 and up!


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