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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Latisse Review

Want thicker and longer lashes? 

I have been using Latisse for 2+ years total now and on and off since 2010.  I feel like I can give an experienced and honest review of this product. We have had a pretty long relationship! I took a 16 month break while pregnant/breastfeeding and am back on it for the last 7 months. 

The main questions I get asked about Latisse

1. Where do you get it?

I get mine from a local MedSpa. You can walk right in and purchase it without an appointment or seeing a doctor. It runs anywhere from $89 to $150 depending on what size you get or how much they are charging. Sometimes they will run specials - but expect to pay at least $100. I bought the large bottle last time for around $140 and it came with a buy one get one free offer. I mailed in my receipt and sku off the box - a month later a brand new full size bottle arrived! Great deal!

2. Does it work?

Like a dream!! My lashes are so long they naturally curl. It is unbelievable how well this product works. They are also much darker/black now. People always ask me if they are my real lashes or if I have eyelash extensions. I love that I can say YES, they are real! Because they are! They use to be barely noticeable at all and were stick straight. I really and truly love my results and never want to stop using it! I never wear fake lashes anymore - woo hoo!!

3. Does it irritate your eyes?

At first - yes. I have light blue eyes and they are very sensitive. When I first started using the product they were a bit itchy and red. It only lasted for a couple of weeks. My eyelids were also a bit red at the base of the eyelashes where I applied. It was not noticeable. This was also temporary. It does not bother my eyes AT ALL anymore.

4. Does one bottle really only last one month?

No!! My bottle will last me 3 or 4 months. I even use it in my eyebrows. BUT I do not follow the directions (I am not telling you to do the same - this is just what I personally do). You get a pack of 80 applicators (with the small size bottle). The directions say to use one applicator for each eye. I use one applicator for both eyes and the same one for my eyebrows. If you use both you are wasting so much product. They tell you to do this so you do not risk getting an eye infection. I never get eye infections, I don't share my makeup with anyone, I always apply on a freshly washed face before bed - so I really am not worried about it! You are applying it right at the base of your lashes, not inside your eyeball for crying out loud!

All in all - an amazing product that does what it claims! 

(I was not asked to review this product by Latisse.  I purchase it on my own!) 
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