Sunday, August 3, 2014

Illuminage Copper Pillowcase

Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase

I have been waiting to post this for over a week because I really wanted to give it a good trial! This pillowcase from Pond's Institute is clinically proven to change the look of skin in just 4 weeks (well, I couldn't wait that long). It claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall appearance of skin. 

I love to sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid getting wrinkles and the added benefit of copper is just a bonus. I was really thrilled to try this top of the line pillowcase. I have tried another copper pillowcase from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It seemed like cheap silk material and I didn't really care for it at all.

The benefits of copper: Copper is the third most abundant trace element found in the human body. Copper peptides have been clinically shown to offer a wide variety of benefits for the skin and hair. The anti-aging benefits are due their ability to promote production of glycosaminoglycans like hyaluronic acid (a key ingredient you should look for in your moisturizer). The glycosaminoglycans are essential for helping the skin tissue remain plump and supple. Ok, enough of the technical stuff!

I think it will take some time to truly see a difference, but I do believe prevention is key. I am a side sleeper, and the left side that I sleep on definitely has more wrinkles than the right. The material is very soft and not too slippery. I don't like a super silky pillow or your head just slips all over the place! I didn't have any problems adjusting to sleeping on a new pillowcase. I did notice right away that I don't have any creases on my face when I first wake up. I will continue using for the full 4 weeks and report back! So far I don't see any reasons why not to use this! Any silk pillowcase will prevent wrinkles, but why not add the benefits of copper if you can!!

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