Sunday, July 13, 2014

Skin Series III

Summer Skin - Boscia to the Rescue!

This is absolutely one of my FAVORITE lines for detoxing and degreasing my skin. I have used their blotting sheets for years - the ONLY ones I buy now. They are just the best. Their peel off Luminzing Black Mask is one of the best masks on the market. I did a post on it you can read here
summer prescription 
I live in the South and it gets super hot and super humid. These products have been a life saver!! In the summer I am constantly applying thick sunscreens, my makeup sweats off, and I feel like every pore on my face gets clogged! Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser, No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment, and Blotting Linens are the perfect summer prescription!

The cleanser heats up on contact to dissolve impurities - you can tell a difference in your skin and pores after the first wash. It feels amazing! There's something about a warming face wash I just love. It's like a mini spa treatment. This is a gel cleanser that lightly suds - it really feels like silk on your skin. If your skin is prone to breakouts this will really make a difference. If you have normal or dry skin and just need a detox - this will be great for you too! P.S. Don't freak out because it is actually BLACK. It won't make a mess - don't worry!
Apply the t-zone treatment before your moisturizer. Your pores will be much less visible and you will stay shine free for hours. I really felt like it made my makeup look so much better throughout the day. I've actually been using it as a primer. I'm not the biggest fan of primers, but this I could do! The best part about this is that it actually treats blackheads and permanently shrinks pores over time. 

The blotting linens are a STAPLE in my purse and car at all times (I like the Black Charcoal and Clear Complexion ones). You can find them crumpled in my car cup holder at any given time! For nights out you don't need to bring powder in your purse and constantly cake it on top of what you have on -  just use the Blotting Linens and your makeup will be perfect!
Even if you don't have oily skin or live in the South these products are amazing to detox and make your pores look absolutely perfect. Everyone needs a little detox in their life no matter what your skin type.  

Happy shine free summer ladies! Xoxo

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