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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Makeup Brush 101

What You Need For Flawless Makeup Application

Here are my everyday makeup brushes for eyes and face along with some extras for special events or just when you need a more detailed application! Let's get started with eyeshadow brushes! 

MAC 224- This is my #1 favorite eyeshadow brush. I use this large fluffy brush when applying all over color, a soft crease, and to buff and blend all my colors together

MAC 217- Can I say my #1 favorite brush again? My makeup would be nothing without this brush! It does everything! Amazing for crease - it can do dark and defined or light and blended. I use it sometimes on the lids and to help blend. It does it all!

MAC 242 - I use this only on the lid and sometimes under the brow to highlight a bit. Great for packing color on. You can get it a bit damp and get big color payoff or lighting blend on for a natural look!

MAC 239 - I adore this brush - mostly use this for shadow underneath the eye. Occasionally I will use it to cut my crease for a more dramatic look.

MAC 214 - I use this to apply shadow over my eyeliner for a lasting effect. Sometimes I blur it out, or it can be done precise as well. 

MAC 208 - This can be used as an eyeliner brush for gel, liquid, or powder eyeliner. I also fill my brows in with this when I'm not using a pencil, etc. 

Brushes for the face:

MAC 129 - Couldn't live without this one! Use this to apply any kind of loose or pressed powder. Perfect for translucent/setting powder over your foundation. It's big and fluffy to give a nice, natural look. You can do bronzer as well if you are not going for a super defined look.

MAC 167SH -  I use this one after I've done all of my face makeup to just blend and buff everything together. I hate to look too cakey or too defined. I feel like this blurs everything together for a more natural look. (SH just means short handle)

MAC 116 - My blush brush. The best I've ever used. I'm not a big fan of the small angle blush brush. This makes blush look more natural and is great for apple of cheeks application. 

Beauty Blender - The best way to apply foundation. Run under water until it expands, then squeeze out all excess water. It makes foundation look natural, blended, and fills in pores. 

MAC 138 - I use this for a more precise way to apply bronzer/contour. It helps chisel your face a bit, but is still fluffy so you don't get super harsh lines. 

Brushes for special events/more detailed application:

Real Techniques Expert Brush - I use this to apply foundation if I need a more full coverage look. Easily buffs foundation into skin and pores. Is also GREAT for cream bronzers/contour cream. 

MAC 163 - This is for a VERY chiseled look with powder or cream bronzers and contour cream/powder. Great to define those cheek bones! 

MAC 252 - I use this one to apply concealer under eyes, around nose, blemishes, etc. Also great to contour nose with contour cream. Can also be used to apply liquid highlighter before blending.

Crown IB111 - IB stands for Italian Badger. It's so soft and blendable! This brush can do anything you need shadow wise. Very versitle! Use for a more precise crease, highlight inner corner of eyes, on lids, or anywhere!

Crown IB103 - This is another contour/bronzing brush. It's not quite as defining as the MAC 163. Still gives you a nice defined look, but easily blends powders for a more natural contoured look.

Crown IB104 - I use this fan to apply powder highlighter to tops of cheekbones and down bridge of nose.

Crown IB115 - This is a must-have for me and probably shouldn't even be on the special occasion list -haha! I use the bristle side to buff out eyebrows after filling them in for a more natural look. The comb I use for separating bottom lashes after applying mascara. 

Hope this helps if you are on the hunt for new brushes or didn't even know where to start! I have tried many different brands and styles of brushes - these are simply the best! Thanks for reading :) Xoxo

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