Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ambre Blends

My Current Obsession

I feel like I say "I'm obsessed" a lot - but this time I'm literally psycho obsessed over this line. I have been to their website 72328410390294 times today to "window shop." What is this line and why is it so great you ask?! Let me tell you!!

When I was 7 months pregnant I purchased a small roller ball of organic oil perfume at a small boutique in Nashville. I was really crazy about putting anything on my body that wasn't the purest of the pure. I didn't wear any fragrance my entire pregnancy because it was my fist baby and I was scared of everything! This oil was Ambre Blends in Ambre Essence. 

It's extremely hard to describe a fragrance in words. This is the most heavenly scent I have ever smelled (I will say heavenly a lot in this post) in my life. It is a smell that you literally cannot pin or put your finger on. I die for any kind of musk and this -to me- is a musk. A very light one though. The smell is almost like the smell of clean skin - yes clean skin and heaven. The company describes this scent the best - "A clean, euphoric, and sensual aroma." Ahhhh....yes those were the words I was looking for!!!

I have been wearing this scent ever since I bought that beautiful little roller ball of heaven. The best part  of this oil is that as it warms on your skin throughout the day, smelling better as the day goes on. It's kind of hard to smell it on yourself, but throughout the day I get little whiffs of it. Even my baby smells like it by the end of the day. My husband is always saying how good he smells. Uhhh...HELLO it's me?! The baby is taking my scent credit!! 

I ended up reaching out to this company when I saw on their website that they offer tons of amazing products in my beloved scent. I had no clue?! All this time and I could have been burning candles of my scent all over the house! They offer 3 other scents, but they are all based with the Ambre Essence scent - just tweaked a little (I still like the plain Ambre Essence the best). They have lotions, deodorant, face oil, sprays, candles, and soap. I was DYING, I mean DYING to try some of these out. I said this earlier - but incase you forgot - these are all organic products and made from the purest natural oils. Such a plus for me!

They sent me the most amazing goodie bag of products to try. The Soap, Skin Tonic, Natural Deodorant, Spritzer, Body Cream, and 4 vials of oil to try. I have been using them for 5 days now. I've used every single product multiple times. I am so thrilled right now I could cry. Every single one of them is my new favorite product. 

Natural Deodorant - I have used this 5 days in a row now. I only apply it at night (after shower) and not again until the next night. I haven't reapplied during the day once. You know why? I don't have to!! I did a post on Lavanila natural deodorant awhile back and this seriously blows them out of the water. They should probably just pack up and move on - sorry Lavanila. I never got smelly at all. Ever. I have not worked out this week so I can't report on how it works after a workout. I was, however, out in the hot sun and never had any issues. 

Soap - I just love it because it smells so freaking good!!! This doesn't leave my skin tight because it's made of olive oil.  

Skin Tonic - I want to do a separate post just on this stuff. This is a face oil and I have the most sensitive skin ever. I break out just thinking about breaking out. I am the oiliest of the oily. I wasn't going to use this on my face because I was just too scared. Today, I had been at the pool and in the sun all day. After my shower, I thought, oh what the hell. I mixed a little pump into my moisturizer. It absorbed right in. My skin felt AMAZING. It's so soft and so moisturized. Not greasy at all. The best part - I keep getting little whiffs of the Ambre Essense on my face. Usually that would freak me out - but I'm so in love with this stuff. It really puts Josie Maran Argon Oil to shame - I never thought I would say that.

Body Cream & Spritzer - These are both really nice products, but the spritzer is not in my scent so I haven't been using it as much.  The body cream is really moisturizing and a great layering piece. I feel like the days I use the cream my scent is stronger and lasts longer. 

Visit their website and all of their amazing, organic, skin loving products right here! 

If you're in the Nashville area you can buy at any Blush Boutique. 

UPDATE: The Skin Tonic did end up breaking me out a bit. 3 zits to be exact. Dangit!! Stupid oily skin. Oh well. 

Natural Deodarant: Still working and have  smelled perfectly fresh for over a week now. I am amazed! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Instagram Giveaway Winner

Congrats to.....

Yay!! You will love this mascara! Please email me your address to: katie@theglossguide.com

Friday, July 18, 2014

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique

Beauty Review

I am so excited to review this product! This is a 2 step addition to your everyday mascara. It adds natural fibers to your lashes to mimic actual little hairs. It's a pretty great concept! I rarely ever wear false eyelashes anymore - #1 because I use Latisse and don't really need extra length (post to come on that!) #2 I have a baby now and am lucky to even put chapstick on. I also CANNOT -  I mean CANNOT do lash extensions. I have extremely sensitive eyes and the month that I had them I was in pain and misery. Awful. Bleh!! Not to mention the price and upkeep of the extensions. No thank you! This is the perfect alternative to falsies and extensions. 

Now, this is not a quick process by any means. It is 4+ steps for each eye. 

FIRST: You apply one light coat of your regular mascara. (I used my beloved Tarte eyelash curler first)
SECOND: Apply the Moodstruck Transplanting Gel and do not let dry - immediately go into next step
THIRD: Apply Moodstruck Natural Fibers to still wet gel. I work quickly but really take my time to cover all my lashes and really get the fibers where I need them. You may want to have an eyelash comb on hand to separate any lashes that get stuck together (tip: sometimes I use a safety pin to separate lashes - please don't poke your eye out). 
FOURTH: Apply another coat of the gel to seal in the fibers. If you don't seal the fibers will fall underneath eyes.

At this point you should have ridiculously THICK lashes. My lashes right now are pretty long from the Latisse, so I didn't notice a huge difference in length. To me - putting any mascara on will make them look longer. What I like about this mascara is the noticeable fullness/thickness. It looks like I have fake lashes on. Really - it does.

Even if you wouldn't take this much time to do your lashes everyday (some of you might) this is still a great product to always keep on hand for nights out/events/etc. 

Like I said - super sensitive eyes - and this did not irritate them in any way. It is also safe if you are a contact lens wearer.

Here is a pic I took yesterday wearing the Fiber Lashes - I didn't take it specifically to shoot this mascara so it is not close up - but the lashes really do stand out. I didn't apply a thick coat at all - spent very little time applying but they still look really great!

The price for these is $29.00 and you can get them here! Or see more pics on Instagram @AngeliaDarty

NOTE: I am NEVER paid to review products!

Monday, July 14, 2014

A few of my favorite summer things


 Just a quick post on a few things I really love right now!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Ben Nye Banana Powder Options

The Product You Must Have!

My absolute staple of all staples is finally available in more user friendly options! This is the ONLY powder I ever use. Ever. My one and only complaint was that it was a gigantic mess! I am thrilled they have a pressed powder compact and also a loose powder dome jar. Both are the same great product - just much easier to use! Yay!!! 

To see more about this amazing product click below for the link to my previous post on Ben Nye Banana Powder! 

Learn more here! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Red Carpet Kolour Review & Giveaway

Pro-Artist's #1 Choice For Body Bronzer

This is the first body bronzer I am talking about on the blog and I'm soooo excited to tell you guys about this AMAZING product. If the fancy packaging isn't tempting enough - what's inside is even better! This is the Ferrari of body bronzers! Can we just take a moment to look at this gorgeous creation?! 

RCK was created by celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip. She was constantly searching for a body bronzer that was truly transfer-resistant and healthy for the skin, while providing enough coverage and glow.

Why I love this product: It's WATER RESISTANT. Genius I tell you! That is the main reason I never wear body bronzer or body makeup. Problem solved. That alone has me sold. But wait there's more!! It is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, gluten free, vegan, Paraben free (a HUGE plus in my book), and contains skin loving vitamins. All that is great, but not if the product sucks. And this my friends does not suck!! It leaves your skin so incredibly luminous and glowing. The application was super easy. I personally used a tanning mitt, but it also washes off of your hands very easily. It blended right in and never streaked. It was perfect in seconds! It blurred any bruises or veins and made legs look totally flawless. 
If you look at the pictures below you can see how incredible the Red Carpet Kolour leg looks. These pictures are not retouched AT ALL - no filters, no photoshop, no nothing! They were taken in natural outdoor lighting. 

Pictured above is the Medium which gives a warm glow. I don't like anything super dark - so this is the perfect color if you want a really natural look. They also make a Light and Tan color. They are all fairly similar in color though and are all flattering for every skin color.

I will never be caught baring my legs without this product ever again!

Click here! to get Red Carpet Kolour. 
Be sure to check them out on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook!

Now for the fun part!!! The GIVEAWAY!!!

I love it soooo much I want to give away a box for one lucky reader to try!! Please comment below and tell why you need this product!! I will post winner this Wednesday July 16, 2014. Good luck!! 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Details Below

I'm thrilled to be teaming up with Tan Towel for this awesome giveaway!! I have used and loved these products for 8+ years. I know if you haven't tried them yet - you will be addicted like I am!! 
(Note: I am NEVER paid to endorse any products - only asked to give an HONEST review) 

The Giveaway:

4 lucky reader's will be winning 2 boxes each!! 1 Full Body and 1 Half Body. 


Super easy!! This contest is through Instagram. Visit my page at Instagram.com/katiessary 
All you have to do is Repost the Tan Towel Giveaway photo and hashtag #theglossguidegiveaway
Be sure to tag me as well! That's it! Super easy!

All contestant's names will be entered into a spreadsheet, given a number, and those numbers will be entered into a number generator. 

Winners will be posted HERE on the blog, as well as to my Instagram account one week from today on Tuesday July 15, 2014.

Good luck!!! 


Monday, July 7, 2014

My Summer Self-Tanning Picks

Tan Towel & Million Dollar Tan

One of my favorite topics!! I love to have a nice bronze glow in the summer, but hate what the sun does to my skin. I do get darker in the summer (even with sunscreen) - so these are the products I am using to get a bit darker and still look natural. No Oompa Loompa Orange for me please! 

Tan Towel - Face Tan
This towelette is not only a self-tanner specially formulated for your face, but also has anti-aging properties as well. This is one of the only self-tanners I can use on my face. It doesn't cause me to break out AT ALL. Another problem I have with self-tanners is that they can really dry my face out - this does not leave my face feeling dry or tight.

I don't know how they do it, but it always comes out the PERFECT color. I have a medium, olive complexion and my sister is lighter with more pink undertones - and it tans both of our skin to a beautiful bronze color. It seems like it's almost customized to our skin.

This small towelette was the perfect size for face application. It covered my entire face, neck, and I was able to blend into my chest a bit. These would be great for winter when no one sees the rest of your body!

Get Tan Towel Face Tan here!


Million Dollar Tan Mermaid Mousse Gradual Tan

I have been dying to try Million Dollar Tan, so I was thrilled when the company sent me these to review (I am NEVER paid to endorse any products - only asked to give an HONEST review). First of all - look how adorable the packing is! I'm always a sucker for that! BUT the product itself is amazing! 

First - for my body I love to use a mousse. It applies so evenly, quick, and smooth. I always apply self-tanner at night and do not like to sleep in a thick lotion. In the summer I like to use a gradual tan on my body. I'm already darker than usual, so this just gives my color a bronze boost. I don't like to be super tan - and this is the perfect shade for me! 

I have posted on St. Tropez Mousse (my go to self tanning mousse) - I truly will only be using Million Dollar Tan Mousse from now on. Seriously! First of all - it smells like coconut. The smell of self-tanning is the worst part of the whole thing and this actually smells good!! You will still get a small hint of that normal self-tanner smell after awhile, but nothing compared to other products I've tried. I LOVE that they have scented this! I also like the color of my skin much better than the St. Tropez gradual tan color. It is a much more natural bronze color. 

I am so excited about this line! I will definitely be ordering and trying more of their products!!

Get Million Dollar Tan Mermaid Mousse Gradual Tan here!

Happy tanning! Xoxo

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Makeup Brush 101

What You Need For Flawless Makeup Application

Here are my everyday makeup brushes for eyes and face along with some extras for special events or just when you need a more detailed application! Let's get started with eyeshadow brushes! 

MAC 224- This is my #1 favorite eyeshadow brush. I use this large fluffy brush when applying all over color, a soft crease, and to buff and blend all my colors together

MAC 217- Can I say my #1 favorite brush again? My makeup would be nothing without this brush! It does everything! Amazing for crease - it can do dark and defined or light and blended. I use it sometimes on the lids and to help blend. It does it all!

MAC 242 - I use this only on the lid and sometimes under the brow to highlight a bit. Great for packing color on. You can get it a bit damp and get big color payoff or lighting blend on for a natural look!

MAC 239 - I adore this brush - mostly use this for shadow underneath the eye. Occasionally I will use it to cut my crease for a more dramatic look.

MAC 214 - I use this to apply shadow over my eyeliner for a lasting effect. Sometimes I blur it out, or it can be done precise as well. 

MAC 208 - This can be used as an eyeliner brush for gel, liquid, or powder eyeliner. I also fill my brows in with this when I'm not using a pencil, etc. 

Brushes for the face:

MAC 129 - Couldn't live without this one! Use this to apply any kind of loose or pressed powder. Perfect for translucent/setting powder over your foundation. It's big and fluffy to give a nice, natural look. You can do bronzer as well if you are not going for a super defined look.

MAC 167SH -  I use this one after I've done all of my face makeup to just blend and buff everything together. I hate to look too cakey or too defined. I feel like this blurs everything together for a more natural look. (SH just means short handle)

MAC 116 - My blush brush. The best I've ever used. I'm not a big fan of the small angle blush brush. This makes blush look more natural and is great for apple of cheeks application. 

Beauty Blender - The best way to apply foundation. Run under water until it expands, then squeeze out all excess water. It makes foundation look natural, blended, and fills in pores. 

MAC 138 - I use this for a more precise way to apply bronzer/contour. It helps chisel your face a bit, but is still fluffy so you don't get super harsh lines. 

Brushes for special events/more detailed application:

Real Techniques Expert Brush - I use this to apply foundation if I need a more full coverage look. Easily buffs foundation into skin and pores. Is also GREAT for cream bronzers/contour cream. 

MAC 163 - This is for a VERY chiseled look with powder or cream bronzers and contour cream/powder. Great to define those cheek bones! 

MAC 252 - I use this one to apply concealer under eyes, around nose, blemishes, etc. Also great to contour nose with contour cream. Can also be used to apply liquid highlighter before blending.

Crown IB111 - IB stands for Italian Badger. It's so soft and blendable! This brush can do anything you need shadow wise. Very versitle! Use for a more precise crease, highlight inner corner of eyes, on lids, or anywhere!

Crown IB103 - This is another contour/bronzing brush. It's not quite as defining as the MAC 163. Still gives you a nice defined look, but easily blends powders for a more natural contoured look.

Crown IB104 - I use this fan to apply powder highlighter to tops of cheekbones and down bridge of nose.

Crown IB115 - This is a must-have for me and probably shouldn't even be on the special occasion list -haha! I use the bristle side to buff out eyebrows after filling them in for a more natural look. The comb I use for separating bottom lashes after applying mascara. 

Hope this helps if you are on the hunt for new brushes or didn't even know where to start! I have tried many different brands and styles of brushes - these are simply the best! Thanks for reading :) Xoxo

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Inspiration

Happy 4th Y'all!

For anyone looking for some last minute ideas! Xoxo

Revlon - Love That Red
Nicole by OPI  - Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Skin Series II

Need a big girl skin regimen? 

Obagi 360

I'm thrilled beyond thrilled to jump on the Obagi bandwagon. It's a line I knew I really needed to start using now that I'm approaching 30 - but have been in denial. The time has come. I need a big girl skin regimen. The fine lines are creeping in - literally. My mom has used Obagi for 10+ years and has the most beautiful skin you've ever seen! I'm only a few days in, but I can't wait to share my thoughts on this line with you! 

What I'm starting off using from this line:
1. Exfoliating Cleanser 
2. HydraFactor Moisturizing Cream SPF 30
3. Retinol 0.5

So far....

The facewash feels AMAZING! It has the smoothest exfoliating beads I've ever felt in any exfoliater. 

The SPF moisturizer is great for the day - it goes on a bit white but blends away to sheer very quickly. It's a bit thick for me to wear makeup with, but would be great for drier skin tyes. It's very moisturizing!  I'm just so dang oily!

I'm starting the Retinol VERY slowly. I've known I needed to use it, but the thought of peeling and being all red has made me put it off! I've tried Retin-A sooooo many times for sun damage, acne, fine lines, etc. - and I just can't do it. It doesn't agree with me. My next best option is Retinol - a bit milder version. So far so good with the Obagi Retinol!! It seems very gentle. I haven't had any peeling yet. I'm only using every other day for now.

I would really like to add a mosturizer to my routine to use at night without SPF. 

I will follow this post up with my final thoughts once I've been using for a solid month. I can already tell I will be an Obagi girl for life!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Physician's Formula Products

Pretty Packaging, Pretty Amazing Makeup!

This is a brand I have loved for 10+ years! Their company was one of the first to introduce "bronzer" - what would we do without them?! I'm really excited about some of their new products - here are a some of my favorites!

1. Organic Wear CC Cream
2. Natural Nude Palette
3. Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Blush- Brunette Bombshell
4. Shimmer Strip Eyeliner Trio - Blue Eyes
5. Sexy Booster Va Va Voom Volume Mascara
6. Nude Wear Touch of Glow Concesler/Highlighter 

This is seriously all you would need for summer makeup right now. It's glowing and gorgeous! The mascara is amazing! I love the rubber wand and the way it separates and lengthens. The Natural Nude Palette is my favorite though - can be used as eyeshadow/bronzer/highlighter. The colors are so beautiful. Thanks Physician's Formula for making such amazing quality products at affordable prices. 

Enjoy pretties! 


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