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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Eyelash Trick

long voluminous lashes without falsies 

This is my super easy trick to make your real lashes look long, thick, and curled! 

You don't have to have this exact curler or mascara - but it's truly the best curler in all the land. It's sooo worth buying and you can get it in a duo pack with this mascara - although any mascara you prefer will work fine. Tarte makes great mascara so this is worth a try if you're in the market for a new one. 

My trick is as simple as this:

Step 1: Apply one super LIGHT coat of mascara to lashes

Step 2: Allow to dry COMPLETELY (finish the rest of your makeup or fix hair - whatever you do just let it dry all the way) 

Step 3: Time to curl! I personally get the curler as close to the base of my lashes as possible and hold for about 5 seconds then open and close the curler a few times

(I do one eye at a time so the curl really lasts - so I would do Steps 3 & 4 on one eye and then move to the other eye)

Step 4: Apply mascara as you normally would. I like to do at least 2 good coats. Make sure you start at the base and wiggle up! Then, I like to really concentrate on the tips and make sure they're nice and seperated.

VoilĂ ! You now have gorgeous flirty lashes with a curl that will last and last. 

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