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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favorite Self-Tanners

These are my #1 picks for self tanning perfection

I've tried every self tanner that's probably ever been made! I've had some Oompa Loompa moments, zebra stripes, and awful rashes! These are the ones that I have found give me the perfect bronze tan without any irritation. 

St. Tropez - I use this one the most. The mitt makes for easy application and the color looks like you just left a tropical island. No orange tint ever with this one! You will be addicted! Order here

Tan Towel - Another great pick! It's fast, no mess, portable, and fool proof! Even if you are horrible at putting self tanner on this will never streak. I always go with the lighter color because the dark shade can turn a bit orange and looks fake to me. I can use these on my face with no breakouts. Order here

Sun Laboratories - I love this because it smells soooo good. The scent is kind of a cherry almond. I like that it's formulated with natural ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Safflower Seed Oil. I can also use this on my face without any irritation. I have the Instant Tint which goes on crazy dark (so you can see where you put it) but washes off to a pretty bronze color. Order here

Kate Somerville Somer 360 - I like this just as well as the Tan Towel. It's very natural looking, so if you're going for a deep bronze - this is not it. If you have fair skin this would be a great pick! These also have easy application and great results! Order here

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