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Monday, November 19, 2012

Kate Somerville 360 Face

Let's get glowing!!!

Oh winter, I hate how pale you make me! Luckily these little gems have been helping ease the pain of saying goodbye to my sun kissed face (sun kissed with SPF 50 that is). I'm a huge fan of anything in a towel or wipe form. #1 they are easy to apply #2 they are 0 mess #3 they are goof proof and #4 they travel well. Naturally, when I found out someone had finally made a wipe for the face I had to try them immediately. 

I love her 360 for the body, but they, along with Tan Towel brand always make my face super dry. Kate Somerville is SO smart she added her amazing Peptide K8 Complex (which I have used and loved) as well as anti aging ingredients. What could be better? Moisturizer plus wrinkle reducers! I love that it gives me a subtle bronze color that naturally transitions me into the winter, and look how perfect the packaging is?! The formula is concentrated in the middle so your fingers don't get product on them- genius! They are a bit pricey $48 for 8. I only use them once a week so the box lasts for 2 months. Not bad!

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